Apartment living sure has changed. When we say “luxury living” we really mean it at some of the new properties in Austin and the surrounding area.

Here are just a few of the upgrades and amenities you can find at Austin area apartment complexes.

Room Service

One of the coolest things we’ve seen offered at a brand new property in East Austin is room service! Just order off the menu in your apartment and someone will bring your meal right to your door!

Rooftop Patios

A rooftop patio is not a new concept but from what we’ve seen, they just keep getting better and better. Here’s a peek at just two with a view.

Coffee Cafes

There’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee someone else brews for you! Did you know there are some apartment complexes that have their very own cafes? Now that’s what you call a pick me up!

Lake Access

With private docks and kayak/ SUP access, you can walk out your door and drop right in at some apartment communities. Hitting the water not your thing? Run, walk or bike the boardwalk instead.

Bike Storage and Repair

Speaking of biking, if you don’t have room for storage, no worries. Some spots not only have bicycle storage on site, they even include a bike repair room!

Doggie Spa

Dogs are our best friends so you want your furry friend to feel at home just as much as you do. In addition to some massive and swanky dog parks, properties are now adding pet spas as well.

Wine Fridge

Don’t have a dog? Perhaps wine is your best friend. If so, this one’s for you. Some kitchens come equipped with a built in wine fridge!

Resort Style Pools

Pools are nothing new, but some of the pools they’re putting in these days will really swimpress you. Bad dad joke, we know. But there’s nothing bad about these cement ponds.

Top of the Line Fitness

You can throw away that gym membership if you move into one of these places! We’re talking double decker gyms stocked with state-of-the art equipment including boxing gear, yoga and pilates rooms, Peleton bikes, both virtual and in-person work out classes, personal trainers, and more!

Cleaning and Laundry Service

Food delivery to your door isn’t the only service you can take advantage of. Some communities also offer task services, housekeeping, laundry and pet care!

Gaming Rooms and Equipment

From life size games like scrabble, Jenga and chess to classic video game systems, you’ll never be bored. We even found a property with a putting green, another with Skee-Ball, and yet another with VR gaming.


Gone are the days of thinking you have to live in a house to have a garage or a yard. In fact, some of the yards at these properties are nicer than those at the homes in the same area.

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